Electric Company Worker Springs Into Action to Rescue Sloth Stuck on Power Line

Concerned neighbors took action when they saw the sloth had gotten stuck.

It was high drama in Colombia for 20 minutes after a sloth got stuck on a power line.

But luckily, one worker from the Colombian public services holding company, Empresas Publicas de Medellin, came to save the day.

Concerned neighbors called the company when they saw the sloth had gotten stuck.

Victor Hugo Lopez, who had been working nearby, was able to bravely climb up on the post and reached out to the sloth.

At first, the sloth was scared and kept moving away from him.

But it finally came to its senses and grabbed onto the broom Lopez held out after he spoke to it in a soothing voice.

Fortunately, the sloth was carefully brought down and released back into the wild later that day. And luckily, the adorable animal suffered no injuries.

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