Electric Scooters Being Left Around Are Angering Residents

They're turning up buried on the beach and hanging from road signs.

Backlash over the electric scooter craze is growing as more and more of the vehicles around the country are being left around. 

The backlash is particularly pronounced in Southern California, where scooters rented out by a company named Bird are left on sidewalks for anyone to use through a cellphone app.

Photos posted to social media show the scooters haphazardly parked on grass, abandoned on beaches and even dangling from street signs. 

The scooters can be dangerous for other commuters. Many riders zip down sidewalks instead of the street, which is illegal. Some ride without a helmet, which is also in violation of the law in some places, and in some cases, traffic rules are ignored.

Cyclist Rob McFeely believes the scooters are a big safety hazard.

“As someone who rides primarily at night on the path, it’s incredibly dangerous. It's a miracle more people haven't been hurt,” he told Inside Edition. 

The improper use and sheer numbers of scooters popping up prompted one self-proclaimed vigilante in Venice to create stickers to put on as many Bird scooters as he could. The sticker reads “turd" and is placed over the Bird logo. 

“It got to the point where I felt I needed to react to it,” the vigilante, who asked not to be identified, told Inside Edition.