Woman Winds Up With 2 Black Eyes After Motorized Scooter Crash in Texas

Kelly Mitchum is not proud to admit she wasn't wearing a helmet at the time.

A woman riding a motorized scooter in Texas suffered two black eyes in a crash.

Kelly Mitchum was on a scooter for the first time recently and had been zipping around the streets of Dallas — until the fun came to a drastic halt.

"It felt like being hit with a ton of bricks," she told Inside Edition. "I hit an indention in the road where there are trolley tracks. I lost control, I flew over the top of the scooter, and I landed in the middle of the road face first, head first."

She isn’t proud to admit that she wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time. In Dallas, she says helmets are not required. 

The electric scooters are growing in popularity across America.

In Los Angeles, Inside Edition found many riders speeding along without helmets, a violation of the law in the city.  

The scooters were also seen on the sidewalk, which is also not allowed.

In Nashville, a scooter rider was injured by a hit-and-run driver.

Mitchum knows she's lucky and says she's learned an expensive lesson: While the scooter cost her less than $2 to rent, her injuries "will probably cost at least a couple of thousand dollars" in hospital bills. 

Lime, the scooter rental company whose scooter she used says it investigates all accidents and encourages all riders to use helmets and obey local laws.