Man Arrested for DUI Tells Cops He Only Drank at Stop Signs, Not While Driving: Police

Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Cops allegedly found a bottle of bourbon in his car.

A 69-year-old Florida man insisted to police that he was not drinking and driving, since he only took sips of bourbon at stop signs and red lights. 

Earle Stevens was arrested in Vero Beach on June 27 after a woman called police saying that he was bumping the back of her car repeatedly at a McDonald’s drive-thru, according to reports. 

When police arrived on the scene, they looked inside Stevens’ car and noticed an empty bottle of Jim Beam bourbon in the passenger seat, according to Indian River County Sheriff's Office. 

Stevens had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and did not have a valid driver’s license, police said

He reportedly admitted to cops that he had been drinking all day, but argued that he only drank at stop signs and when his car was not moving. 

He was given a field sobriety test and allegedly blew a .153 and .147 on the breathalyzer, both nearly twice the legal limit.

He was charged with DUI and driving without a valid license in the state. Cops say he also had two prior DUIs in Missouri. 

Stevens has not entered a plea and will be arraigned July 31.