Elvis D. Presley of Arkansas Is Trying to Enter the Capitol Building

An Arkansas Man named Elvis D. Presley is trying to sing his way into Congress.

Elvis Presley is running for Congress.

Elvis D. Presley, that is.

The King impersonator from Arkansas is on the Libertarian ticket for the 1st Congressional District, trying to unseat GOP incumbent Rick Crawford. He has run for office before, in unsuccessful campaigns for governor, land commissioner and the Legislature.

The Star City native wears many hats. He dons a festooned white jumpsuit  and aviator sunglasses and gyrates onstage as Elvis Aron Presley of Mississippi. He is an car refinisher, and as of Saturday, he is a bona fide candidate for federal office.

The 51-year-old thinks he would be a good addition to the House of Representatives because "Everyone is down on politics because nothing is happening. Everything is like a stalemate here," he told InsideEdition.com.

He legally changed his name from Joey Ashmore to Elvis D. Presley on Aug. 16, 2001. The King died on that same date in 1977.

Why did he do it? "To be as close to that man" as possible, he said.

He thinks gun control should be modified to include mental evaluations as part of the process, based on the Feb. 14 high school massacre in Florida, allegedly carried out by a 19-year-old with mental health issues.

In addition, he thinks Arkansas roads have way too many potholes, and that local farmers need some help.

If elected, he will not stop serving his showbiz fans.

"I would continue to do the Elvis Presley show because it is something that's been in my life for years and I won't let it down," he said. "But I will not let it interfere with my job in Washington."

He is trying to come up with an Elvis song that would suit his campaign.

"Maybe a gospel song would fit it," he mused, dropping into Elvis' "Where No One Stands Alone." Or perhaps "Are You Lonesome Tonight," since his fiancee will spend some time on her own while he is on the campaign trail.