Elvis Impersonator Who Presided as David and Louise Turpin Renewed Their Vows Stunned by Arrest

The couple arrested in the alleged shackling and torture of their children had appeared before Kent Ripley three times to renew their vows.

The Las Vegas Elvis impersonator before whom the Turpin family renewed their wedding vows several times is opening up about the couple that stands accused of horrific acts against their kids.

Kent Ripley presided over three ceremonies for David and Louise Turpin family three times in recent years and vividly remembers them. 

"They didn't appear to be not healthy," he told Inside Edition of the children. "The only way I could tell the difference in their age was from their height because the older girls, they looked young and the boys looked all the same.

"Their family kept growing so I figured in a couple more years I’d see them again. Then I hear the news today and it's hard to believe that.” 

The kids may have looked happy, but according to police, the parents had kept their children shackled in their California home.  

The Turpins seemed like a happy and somewhat eccentric family when they renewed their vows for their 30th anniversary with their 13 kids in 2015 at the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas. 

Ripley officiated that ceremony, as well as other vow renewals in 2011 and 2013.

During the 2011 ceremony, the impersonator serenaded the couple as they danced to one of their favorite Elvis songs, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love.” At that time, it was just the couple. 

Two years later, they brought the whole family, with their daughters serving as flower girls and bridesmaids. They all wore matching pink plaid dresses, white tights and white shoes.

The happy ceremony continued as the little ones sang along to “Hound Dog.” 

David and Louisa Turpin are being held on $9 million bond each. They face charges that include torture and child endangerment. They are due in court Thursday.