Employees at New Jersey Store Honor Coworker, a 100-Year-Old WW II Veteran, With Surprise Party

Bartolomeo Ficeto has been working at the New Jersey supermarket for 12 years. But when he was younger, he served his country during World War II.

Bartolomeo Ficeto, affectionately nicknamed “Benny the Bagger,” has been a fixture at an Edison, New Jersey, Stop & Shop for 12 years. 

And recently, his coworkers threw the 100-year-old a surprise birthday party.

He didn’t stop working until the pandemic, and his co-workers say he’s a local celebrity. 

Before serving customers with a smile, Benny served his country during World War II. In what was then called the Army Air Force, Benny flew over northern Africa and Italy as a gunner on a B-25 Mitchell plane.

To celebrate his big day, friends and coworkers showed up in ‘Happy 100th Birthday Benny’ masks and gave all of their well-wishes. He was also gifted a Veteran’s parking spot as a token of their appreciation.

“It’s amazing he made it to 100 and is in the shape that he is,” Daniel Reynolds, Benny’s great-nephew, said. “We’re blessed that he’s the way that he is. It’s awesome.”

During his party, Benny enjoyed a little music that reminded him of his younger days and enjoyed the company of friends.

And hard workers like Benny deserve to enjoy their special day.

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