84-Year-Old Sinks Putt With Unusual Style, Wins Car on 'Price Is Right'

Playing 84-Year-Old Woman Wins Car with Hole-In-One

An 84-year-old Price Is Right contestant named Margaret won a $16,000 car with a winning golf putt.

Host Drew Carey showed the adorable Margaret how it's done in the 'Hole in One...or Two' game, sinking his putt right away.

Margaret stepped up to take her shot with an unusual stance, facing the shot head-on with the golf club centered between her feet. She missed. On her second try, she stuck with her head-on stance and scored! The audience went wild, the models jumped up and down and Margaret couldn't believe her luck!

Now, Margaret's driving around in her shiny new car and golfers everywhere are wondering how they can get away with her method of winning.