Kris Humphries Gets Grilled About Kardashian

If looks could kill!

A tense and edgy Kris Humphries sat down for his first interview since his split with Kim Kardashian, on Good Morning America Friday, and it did not go well.

The basketball star looked more and more uncomfortable as ABC's Josh Elliot grilled him about the implosion of his 72-day marriage.
"Well, I'm not focused on [that right now], really, right now, I'm focused on basketball," said Humphries.

The questions about Kardashian just kept coming.

"Having a relationship in front of the camera, having it all take place with cameras in your face, what impact do you think that had on your relationship? What do you hope the court will decide with regard to the annulment. Do you still love her?" asked Elliot.

"This guy," laughed Humphries.

An exasperated Humphries, sitting next to his mom, Barbara, looked ready to explode.

"A lot of people found it shocking when she filed, Kim did, for divorce. What did you think when she did?" asked Elliot.

"For me it's just certain things happen in life and you got to move forward," said Humphries.

Humphries was reportedly livid after the interview. But according to Good Morning America there was no pre-interview deal to limit the questions quote.

But Humphries seemed to lighten up later when he and his mom baked cookies to promote a Christmas cook book.

After the show the 6' 9" basketball star was stone-faced as he strode quickly out of the studio into a waiting car.