Yearbook Photos of Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Revealed

With her tattoos and shocking Nazi armband, you'd never believe that Michelle "Bombshell'" McGee was once an All-American girl.

INSIDE EDITION has the exclusive pictures of Jesse James' mistress from her high school days.

One is of her on prom night in a little black dress with not a single tattoo in sight. A pretty corsage is pinned to her dress.

Far different from the sinister, tattooed lady she's become.

McGee claims she grew up Amish.

"My parents are very conservative. I grew up Amish. I left the church when I was 16-years-old," she said.

But INSIDE EDITION has spoken to her family, and they're not Amish!

She grew up in a middle class suburb of Cleveland. INSIDE EDITION tracked down her yearbook photos from high school.

Friends say she was a typical teenager, a quiet girl who excelled at sports. She played soccer and ran track. She made the honor roll and was even a cheerleader.  .

When she moved to the West Coast she re-invented herself as a tattooed bad girl.

At 20 she is pictured holding one of her two young sons. A single tattoo is visible on her left arm, a sign of things to come.

Michelle was back at work this weekend as an exotic dancer at the Pure Platinum Gentleman's Club in San Diego, a far cry from the sweet, innocent girl in the just discovered photos.