Whitney Houston's Former Sister-in-Law is Upset With Bobbi Kristina's Oprah Interview

Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law is talking about Bobbi Kristina's first TV interview just a month after her mother's death.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Monique Houston, "What was your reaction when you heard Oprah interview Bobbi Kristina?"

"I was a little surprised that it happened so soon after her mother's passing. The interview actually took place, I believe at the begining of March. It took place a couple of weeks ago and it's a little premature in my mind," said Monique.

Alexander asked, "If Bobbi Kristina was in your care, would you have let her do this interview?"

Monique responded, "I really think it is time to give her some privacy and I don't want to exploit that situation any more than it has been."

Monique is the ex-wife of Whitney's brother Gary. Gary's current wife, Patricia, was Whitney's manager and was with her when she died.

Monique told Alexander there were so many drugs in Gary and Whitney's circle she had to get out.

"My children were starting to witness certain episodes. Because they were getting older, I could not hide it from them anymore. That was not the enviroment I want to bring them up in," said Monique.

She says Whitney was surrounded by enablers who ignored her drug addiction.

"She had people around her, her brother Gary, who was using as well. So there was a lot of enabling going on," said Monique.