ESPN's Stephen A. Smith In Hot Water For Ray Rice Comments

An ESPN commentator is in hot water over comments he made about the controversial case involving football star Ray Rice.  

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith said on air, "What I have tried to employ the female members of my family, some of who you all met and talk to and what have you, is that again- and I've done this all my life- let's make sure we don't do anything to provoke wrong actions."

Rice, a running back with the Baltimore Ravens, was arrested after an argument with his fiancée, Janay, in February. A video shows Rice manhandling the apparently unconscious woman after the fight at an Atlantic City casino.

The couple have since married. They appeared side-by-side at a news conference.

Earlier this week, the NFL announced that Rice would be suspended for two games when the season starts, a punishment many consider way too lenient.

Now, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, who is known for his outspoken comments, has weighed in, and he's not exactly expressing sypmathy for Rice's wife.

"You say you don't care whether she hit or not," said Smith. "Let me make everybody uncomfortable by telling you I do care."

Before that comment, Smith said,  "There's never an excuse to put your hands on a woman."