Man with a Fake Oscar in Hollywood Gets Treated Like a Celebrity!

Mark David Christenson had a night he’ll never forget when he walked around Hollywood with a fake Oscar award.

What made it even more special was that it was on the night of the Academy Awards and he was treated just like a celebrity!

The prank video was created by New Media Rockstars and everyone truly believed that the actual award was legit and the perks of holding a gold statue were amazing.

Christenson walked down Hollywood Boulevard posing for pictures with “fans.” He got into a VIP Oscar party at the Roosevelt Hotel and even got past security at the restricted area of the actual award show.

And he didn’t just trick onlookers? He actually snagged some free stuff with his award in hand.

The prankster stopped by a movie theater and got a free ticket, some snacks from a local bodega, food and booze from a hotel and even drove away with a car that wasn’t his by proceeding to a valet and pretended to forget his ticket but they brought around a shiny white BMW.

The prank ended when he drove around the block and returned it, but it was all in good fun! Click here to subscribe to New Media Rockstars and don’t forget to tune in to INSIDE EDITION!