Etiquette Expert Explains Tipping Do’s and Don’ts and Who You Should Tip

Etiquette expert Thomas Farley, also known as Mister Manners, says you should tip 20% at restaurants. He also says you should tip when you are getting a haircut, manicure, massage, and other services.

After a video of a DoorDash delivery man who berated a lady for giving him a $5 tip for a $20 pizza went viral, Inside Edition went to an expert to learn the do’s and don’ts of tipping.

In the viral video, the DoorDasher is seen in home video telling the homeowner, “I just wanna say, it’s a nice house for a $5 tip.”

“We’re living through a time where tipping is stranger than its ever been,” etiquette expert Thomas Farley, also known as Mister Manners, tells Inside Edition Digital.

Farley says oftentimes, consumers are feeling like they are being guilted into tipping.

“A lot of times consumers are feeling like they don’t have much choice,” Farley says. “They’re being guilt-tripped into tipping.”

At restaurants, he says you should tip 20%, an increase from 15%.

When it comes to getting takeout, Farley says if you’re getting something like pizza that is getting put into a box, a tip probably is not necessary. But for complex orders, the etiquette expert says he’d consider giving a tip.

“A complex order where they’re stacking multiple trays, making sure you have your utensils, your napkins, making sure everything in your order is there, I would still consider a tip there and anywhere from 5 or 10 percent,” Farley says.

Mister Manners also says you should tip when you are getting a haircut, manicure, massage, and when you’re in a taxi.

If you’re getting a simple bagel and coffee and the tipping option comes up at checkout, Farley says you should not feel bad for not tipping. Though there is an exception.

“Perhaps you’re at your favorite coffee shop and they know your order and the barista spends 15 minutes getting it exactly the way, they know you’re name, those employees definitely deserve a tip,” Farley says.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the personal financial crisis, there has been an increase in tip requests. 

“Starbucks for one never had a tipping option, last year they adopted tipping,” Farley says.

Overall if you like the service that’s been provided to you, no matter what it is, go ahead and tip. But, in certain instances, don’t feel obligated to.

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