Everything Is Awesome: Church Uses Massive Lego Man to Advertise Movie Series

The NORTHIRON Church in Ishpeming built a massive Lego man to advertise their annual movie series.

A Michigan church advertising for their upcoming movie series certainly got more attention than they expected. 

The NORTHIRON Church in Ishpeming built a massive Lego man to advertise their annual movie series, which combines films with the Bible. 

To kickstart the series, they picked “The Lego Movie,” and the attention has been divine. 

"People drive by on the highway and they say, 'Hey what's going on?' We've had people just stop in and check it out during this month,” Assistant Pastor Travis Ryan told WJMN

Since “The Lego Movie” tells the story of a Lego character thought to be prophesied as the savior of his kind, the pastor felt it's the perfect film for the series. 

“The idea is to take popular movies and tie in biblical truths. We really like to just connect with people where they're at. We try to make it a relevant message to what they're dealing with today and to maybe connect with them on a level that they can understand,” he said.

The pastor and the church community came together to build the massive Lego man and placed it in front of the house of worship. It took a month to build and is made of wood and plastic. 

“We had members of the church and the community that came together. We have a creative team that built this and the sign just to sort of make it fun for people that are attending here,” he said. “We have a lot of kids, and we like to have them involved and make a fun experience for them and it kind of creates some buzz."