Ex-Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Claims She Was Discriminated Against After Revealing She Was a Virgin

Kristan Ann Ware says she was humiliated by coaches and told to play with fruit in a sexual way during a calendar shoot.

More troubling details are surfacing about the alleged harassment and sordid treatment of NFL cheerleaders.

Inside Edition spoke to Kristan Ann Ware, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who has sued the team, alleging coaches tried to humiliate her after she revealed she was a virgin.

"They said I couldn't talk about my virginity," Ware said. She also claims that during a photo shoot, she was told to wear a bikini and to play with fruit in a sexual way.

Ware said she quit the squad after feeling traumatized by the alleged treatment.

Dolphins officials say they are committed to providing a positive work environment and do not discriminated when it relates gender, race and religious beliefs.

Ware's claims follow those of other former cheerleaders who spoke to The New York Times in a report detailing allegations of fans groping and sexually harassing cheerleaders.  

Lacy Thibodeaux, a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, told the paper such treatment sometimes occurred at alcohol-fueled tailgate parties. "If someone got too handsy, we could just turn around and leave. But we still had to be gracious and say 'Thank you very much.'"

Inside Edition spoke to Thibodeaux in 2014, after she sued the team for higher pay. She said such appearances made for a "very long day."

The NFL told Inside Edition they support fair employment practices and their employees have the right to work in a respectful atmosphere that is free from all forms of harassment.