Ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware Will Be Questioned in Taylor Pomaski's Disappearance After Unrelated Arrest, Cops Say

Kevin Ware, Jr. arrested on drug and gun possession/Taylor Pomaski, 29, Ware's girlfriend missing since April.

“We are pleading for people to come forward with information. We just want to bring our girl home. Stephen [Taylor’s father] and I appreciate all the effort going into finding Taylor," Taylor Pomask's mother, Leslie Mandeville said.

Former NFL player Kevin Ware, Jr. was arrested by U.S. Marshals on Friday after he allegedly failed to report for bond supervision in connection with previous firearms and drug charges, according to the Montgomery County District clerk’s office.

Ware’s girlfriend, 29-year-old Taylor Pomaski, has been missing since April 25 under what investigators describe as "suspicious circumstances.” Harris County Sheriffs Sr. Deputy Thomas Gilliland told Inside Edition Digital that they plan to question Ware about Pomaski’s disappearance.

Ware was picked up by the U.S. Marshals Service Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force in the parking lot of a shopping center in Spring, Texas around 1:30 p.m. Friday. He allegedly failed to report for bond supervision in the last two months for previous charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and possession with the intent to deliver controlled substances in Montgomery County, according to court records obtained from the Montgomery County clerk’s office

The district clerk's office issued an alias capias on June 9 for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. Ware was arrested on June 11. He is currently at the Montgomery County Jail. There is no bond posted, the clerk’s office said.

“They got him. Now we find Taylor,” Leslie Mandeville, Pomaski's mother, told Inside Edition Digital. “Right now, my head is spinning with joy. Today’s a good day.

"We are pleading for people to come forward with information," Mandeville continued. "We just want to bring our girl home. Stephen [Taylor’s father] and I appreciate all the effort going into finding Taylor.”

Pomaski was last seen leaving a party in north Harris County, Texas on April 25, according to Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The party took place at the home she shared with her boyfriend, Kevin Ware, Jr., a former American football tight end in the NFL for the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers, loved ones said. On May 9, Pomaski's mother filed a missing person’s report after not hearing from her.

Six days before Pomaski was last seen, Ware was pulled over by deputies from the Montgomery County police department for allegedly speeding. Deputies said that during a search of his vehicle, they found cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Xanax.

They also allegedly found an AK-47 and a pistol. Ware was arrested for possession of multiple controlled substances and for unlawful carry of weapons as a felon, according to the Montgomery County Police. 

He was taken to the Montgomery County Jail and released one day after his arrest after posting bail.

On May 11, Mandeville said she again went to authorities about her daughter's disappearance.

On May 19, the case was transferred over to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide (HCSO) Unit for further investigation.

Eric Zuleger, a longtime friend of Pomaski's, told Inside Edition Digital that he believed Pomaski was in danger. The last time he saw her he was very concerned about her appearance. She was gaunt and had some bruises and swelling on her face. He said Pomaski claimed she had been hit by Ware. "I told her not to go back there and she said she was going back," he said. 

They kept in touch and she was ready to make changes to her life, Zuleger said. But in the days leading up to her disappearance, she seemed "pretty frantic," he said. 

He told Inside Edition Digital the last time he heard from Pomaski was on April 26 at 6:55 a.m. when he said he got an email that said, "I need to talk to you." 

Authorities believe Pomaski, who is described as 5 feet, 2 inches, and weighs between 90 and 110 pounds, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, maybe the victim of foul play.

When previously reached by Inside Edition Digital, Ware said he would later respond to questions provided, but ultimately did not respond to the allegations made against him by Mandeville and Zuleger. 

Gilliland, the public information officer for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, previously told Inside Edition Digital that they are still investigating all leads. "Everyone in the house on that night is a person of interest,” Gilliland said.

“There were a lot of people there and we’ve interviewed, witnesses. We are still investigating and we still need people to come forward and tell us any information they have, as small as it may be,” Gilliland said. 

Ware has not been named a suspect or been charged with any crime in connection to the disappearance of Pomaski. 

“She left under suspicious circumstances, foul play is involved, that is why it went from missing persons to homicide," Gilliland said of the investigating department. "The main thing is trying to get people to cooperate and talk. There are still people who haven’t given their statements yet,” he said.

Tim Miller of Equusearch told Inside Edition Digital that they don't have a specific area to search but are hoping to have more leads to follow.

“We are making progress but by no means where we want to be,” Miller said.  

Miller said Ware’s parents are cooperating and have been actively helping in the search for Pomaski.  

Ware was scheduled for an in-person hearing on May 19 but the court rescheduled to June 17 that was moved to June 22 and then reset to June 29 at 1:30 p.m., according to the Montgomery County District's clerk's office.

Ware's attorney, Coby DuBose of Houston-based law firm DuBose Defense, told Inside Edition Digital that “evidence shows that Ware did not violate his bond conditions."

"There were other issues raised about the legality of the bond conditions that we will bring up at the hearing,” he said.

“Our position is that his initial bond should have never been revoked in the first place,” DuBose continued. “We believe he is entitled to a bond. We will ask the court to give him a bond that he can make.”

Regarding the disappearance of his girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski, DuBose said that Ware has been cooperating with the authorities.

“He let investigators in from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office sometime in late May. Everything I see shows that he has been cooperating with law enforcement. The law enforcement agencies have not reached out to us,” DuBose said. 

“He [Ware] has not been charged or named in the disappearance of Taylor Pomaski. If anyone has questions about that, we are representing him.”

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