Extreme Kayaker Bren Orton Survives 128-Foot Plunge Down Waterfall in Amazing Video

Bren Orton set a record after kayaking down a massive waterfall in Mexico.

A 23-year-old extreme kayaker survived a plunge down a 128-foot Mexican waterfall to set a new record.

Amazing video shows Bren Orton shooting down the massive falls, believed to the second-highest descent in history.

The footage shows Orton at the top of Big Banana Falls, moments before the nose of his kayak drops down and Orton's heart-stopping ride begins.

"I have been dreaming of running a waterfall this big for years," Orton said. "I planned it out at the start of 2017, but had to wait until the end of the year for water levels to drop in."

Orton, who is British, said his descent breaks his country's record for the highest waterfall championed by a kayaker.

 His sporting passion has resulted in several injuries, including a broken back, hand and dislocated shoulder, he said.

 "My mum still worries a lot and my nan is desperate for me to get a job and settle down... so I can be safe and closer to home, but I don't see that happening anytime soon," he said.