Families of Las Vegas Shooting Victims Set to Receive $275,000 Each

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The GoFundMe turned nonprofit organization will begin the payouts on Monday.

What started out as a GoFundMe with a goal to raise $500,000 for victims of the Las Vegas shooting has now transformed into a nonprofit organization that will give away millions to the families of the Las Vegas victims.

The Las Vegas Victims Fund, which has raised $31.5 million since the October massacre, announced that they plan to pay $275,000 to the families of 58 people killed in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The fund said the maximum payout $275,000 will also be given to 10 other people who were paralyzed or suffered permanent brain damage in the Oct. 1 shooting on the Las Vegas Strip.

The nonprofit posted a chart projecting payments on a scale to a total of 532 people, including more than $10 million divided among 147 people who were hospitalized, the New York Post reported.

The organization said they plan to use 100 percent of funds raised for the payouts, which will begin Monday.

“In no way can it replace someone’s life,” said Al Etcheber, the brother-in-law of Stacee Etcheber, who died during the shooting. “Still, it is a real nice way to help families who lost someone they loved.”

Police say 851 people were hurt by gunfire or other injuries while fleeing.

The original GoFundMe was started by Las Vegas Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak. Just a little more than a day after the mass shooting, $3 million had already been raised.

“I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the Las Vegas community & beyond,” Sisolak wrote in a Twitter post at the time. “We need more donations and every penny will be put to use.

The fund grew into the nonprofit corporation which has reported receiving more than $90,000 donations.

Disbursements of the funds were determined by a committee of victim advocates, mental health and medical professionals, lawyers, donors and others, according the New York Post.