Las Vegas Massacre's Forgotten Victims: The Horrific Injuries and How They're Moving Forward

Rachel Sheppard has a deep scar that runs down her chest.

Rachel Sheppard's scar runs from her chest to below her waist.

"When I see it, it's just a constant reminder," she says. The 27-year-old is one of nearly 500 people recovering after she was shot in last October's Las Vegas massacre that left 58 concertgoers dead.

Natalie Grumet felt her jaw explode.

"I was shot in the face," she said.

Chelsea Romo was shot in the eye. "My vision was taken right away," she said. She was in the front row at the Route 91 Harvest Festival outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino when the shooting began.

"My girlfriend said, 'Duck.' At this point, I was hold my face and she said, 'Chelsea, your face.' And I said, 'Oh no, I can't see.'"

At first, she was completely blind, but surgeons were able to save one of her eyes by removing pieces of shrapnel. 

Attorney James Frantz represents more than 100 victims that are now suing Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, claiming the hotel didn't do enough to stop gunman Stephen Paddock, who opened fire from his room on the 32nd floor, sending more than 1,000 rounds into the outdoor concert's audience below.

"They really had a lapse of security," Frantz said. "It changed everyone's lives forever."

The hotel's owner, MGM Resorts International, issued a statement saying, "The tragic incident that took place on Oct. 1 was a senseless act of evil perpetrated by a deranged individual. We will give our response to this case through the appropriate legal channels."