Family Devastated After Vacation Camper Swept Away in Flood

A family is reeling after their beloved camper, which they used every year for vacation, was swallowed up in raging floodwaters in Indiana.

The weather has been raging for people across the country.

In Indiana, a family was devastated when their beloved camper was swept away in strong floodwaters from the creek by their house.

Mom Hannah Lee could be heard in video crying out as the vehicle was carried off, "Oh, no! My camper's floating away!" The camper eventually disappeared around the bend.

Lee told Inside Edition that she, her husband and three kids have used the camper every year for vacation. But when the family found it on a neighbor's farm, they weren't able to salvage anything.

"It's not a camper anymore it's just pieces of a camper," Lee said.

Meanwhile, a huge snowfall in California left dozens of people trapped for five days at a ski resort. A three-day blizzard dumped 8 feet of snow in Kings Canyon National Park, leaving 120 visitors and staff at the Montecito Sequoia Lodge stranded.

"We became really good friends ... 'cause over time we were going through a shared experience," Joel Keeler told Inside Edition.

Rescuers had to plow 8 miles of road to reach the snowed-in lodge. The blizzard left a wall of snow the reached near the top of the cars' windows.

"We saw the snowplow coming up the road, we started cheering, they were all taking photos," Keeler added.