Minnesota Meteorologist Mom Does Live Weather Report With Baby on Her Back

She did it in honor of International Babywearing Week.

A Minnesota meteorologist strapped her 1-year-old son to her back during a live weather report in a video that has become an internet sensation.

Susie Martin, director of operations and certified meteorologist for weather company Praedictix, said she was doing so to mark International Babywearing Week.

Martin first tried wrapping her son to her body during a weather report last year around the same time. So recently, on Oct. 5, she decided to do it again.

"He is very much a toddler now," Martin told InsideEdition.com of her son. “He is not as teeny as he was the first time. He is 21 months so he is not quite 2, but still needs his cuddles."

This year's video of her weather report has been viewed on social media more than a million times.

The mom said her bosses have always been supportive of the idea and she has even attended meetings with her son wrapped around her.

She supports the idea for mothers who want to bond with their child while being able to perform daily tasks. 

Martin said she doesn’t know if her son will be too big to be wrapped next year for the occasion, but she be open to it.

“[Babywearing] is definitely more common under the age of 2 but if he still needs his cuddles, I am going to give him his cuddles," Martin said.