Family Loses Everything After Home Is Swept Away in Storm

The storm struck New England Sunday night and the home fell on Monday.

A home that was in the family for decades has been reduced to splinters after being swept away in a violent New Hampshire storm. 

The house disappeared into the raging waters of the Baker River Monday as the storm took old in the town of Warren.

The video of the incident is striking as the home crumbles into the water

Lisa Slade watched the video on the local news and couldn't believe it

“My grandparents, my dad and uncle helped build that house," she said. "Everything of my grandparents was in there." 

She added that it was “awful” to watch the video, saying, "It was like someone died in your family watching that. It was shocking. I kept rewinding.” 

All that is left of the home now is the dining room. 

"Thank God it happened when we weren’t there," she added. "If it had happened when we were sleeping, we would have had no idea what was going on. The bedroom was one of the parts that went down the river."