Family Makes Isolated 'Flu Room' for Stricken Son to Keep Virus From Getting Out

The room is designed to keep the deadly virus from getting out.

As a dangerous flu plagues America, it may not be a bad idea to quarantine someone close to you who may be suffering from the virus with a designated room in the home. 

Zachary Ginsburg, 27, is suffering from the flu and has been in strict isolation by his family. His mother, Randy, is the designated caregiver because she's the only one who's had a flu shot.

Inside Edition asked Dr. Mike Varshavski to check in on the family and see how they are doing. 

He says someone should be a designated person to go in and out of the room so the germs do not spread. The designated person should also wash their hands — front and back — as often as possible. 

The flu virus is tough and it can live for up to 24 hours on hard surfaces.

Think about what you encounter every day of your life without even realizing it — door handles, bus handles, cash machines, items at the store, elevator buttons — that can easily spread the virus with only a touch.

Dr. Varshavski recommends getting a flu shot, washing your hands thoroughly and keeping your hands away from your face if you exposed them to areas that are potentially filled with germs.