Family Secret: Canadian Man Waited 10 Months to Claim $45M Lotto Jackpot

A North Carolina man says a good deed led him to win the lottery.
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He says he will continue to keep his job as a landscaper.

An Edmonton man has recently come forward to claim a $45 million jackpot he won from the Canadian lottery 10 months after his numbers were drawn.

Bon Truong won the massive amount in October but didn’t collect it right away because he wanted to prepare his family for the changes coming to them due to the massive financial gain. 

The winning numbers for the draw were: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, 30 and bonus 45. He said he went to the store where he purchased the ticket to confirm the numbers and asked for a printout, according to reports. 

After getting the numbers printed out, he went home and just stared at his ticket and the winning numbers sheet, he said.

He said he will use the money to pay bills, buy a new home and travel

“After those big, main things, I’d like to take my family on a holiday,” he told Global News. “I’m not sure where just yet. I think we’ll try to go everywhere.” 

One thing that may surprise many is that the millionaire is still going to keep his job as a landscaper. 

“I’m still young, I’m still strong. But right now with the money coming, I will take a lot of time, take care of my family and still work after I’m done this. After everything is done, I will go back to work,” he said.