Family Who Fled California Wildfires Says Looters Robbed Their Car

The family packed their car with their most valuable possessions, only to later be robbed.

A California family who fled the Woolsey Fire with their most treasured possessions said they were later robbed when they stopped for lunch. 

When the Warren family returned to their car, they discovered the few precious mementos they'd managed to grab before driving off were gone.

"It was a very sick feeling, we felt, like — in shock," Lisa Warren told local station KTLA. "It's awful. There were pictures and photo albums and things from when the kids were little. And nothing's digital, and there's no way to replace it."

"Everything was taken out of the car," Warren added later in an interview with Inside Edition.

Surveillance video showed the suspected looters surrounding the car, parked in back of a restaurant in Encino. A white van pulls up alongside the vehicle, while another white car parks facing the family car. The thieves smash in the back window, and then begin taking everything they can reach.

The family's suitcases were later found in a parking lot 10 miles away. Footage from that location showed the thieves dumping the suitcases. A homeless man then found them and carried them off.

In a stroke of luck, the contents spilled along the way and the Warren family was able to recover some of their items.