Famous YouTuber of the Stokes Twins Nearly Died After His Appendix Ruptured

Alex Stokes' appendix burst and he nearly died.

A famous YouTuber is speaking out about how he nearly died after his appendix ruptured. 

Alex Stokes, one half of the Stokes Twins duo, had been feeling extreme discomfort in recent days. When he lost his appetite, he debated going to the hospital, but his twin brother, Alan, talked him out of it.

Things quickly deteriorated, however, with Alex ended up in agony. 

"I've never seen Alex in this much pain in my entire life. His face turned pale, he was shaking, he was sweating, he was screaming at the top of his lungs,” Alan said in a video posted to their channel. 

Alex ended up going to the hospital, where doctors found fluid in his pelvis and told him his appendix had burst. Alan met him in the hospital when he realized how serious things were.

The 22-year-old underwent emergency surgery, and doctors told the twins if Alex had waited another day, he might not have made it because he could have died from an infection.

"I just didn't know what to do because it just hurt me so bad seeing him like that,” Alan said.

The video was a turn from the goofy, viral challenge videos they typically create, but they said they felt they had to share what happened with their followers.

Alex returned to his Los Angeles home after two days in the hospital and his brother has been taking care of him ever since.

“I've actually been cooking for him,” Alan said. 

To which Alex jokingly responded, "He's just been warming up my soup, that doesn't count as cooking."