YouTube Star Simone Giertz Announces Her Brain Tumor Has Returned

Simone Giertz will have to undergo radiation for six weeks.

YouTube star Simone Giertz has shared sad news with her fans: her brain tumor is back. 

The 28-year-old announced the news on her YouTube channel Friday.

“When I had brain surgery in May, they removed large portions of the tumor,” she said in the video. “Something I haven’t talked about is there are still large parts of it left.”

Just eight months after her surgery, the tumor has grown back. She will have to undergo radiation for the next six weeks. 

“I’m sick of being sick, and I have so many plans and projects I want to build. I was so excited for 2019,” she said.

The Swedish inventor is known for making crazy machines that don’t always work the way that they are supposed to. 

She had her initial brain operation over the summer. In August, she showed fans her surgery scar in a video. 

"It's a pretty significant upgrade considering my second coolest scar was from removing a birthmark on my butt," she said in the August video.