Loving Dad Gets Son's Surgery Scar Tattooed on His Head

His son had to have a cyst removed.

A Canadian dad never wanted his son to feel alone because of his surgery scar, so he got a replica tattooed on himself. 

Drake Britt, 26, said he noticed a bump on his son’s head in March while sitting on the couch one day.

After taking 1-year-old Damian to the hospital for X-rays, doctors determined he had a cyst the size of a tennis ball on the right side of his skull. 

They quickly operated, leaving a large scar on Damian’s head.

Britt wanted to make sure his son wouldn’t grow up feeling self-conscious, so he had a tattoo of it placed in the same spot where his son's scar is.

“The main reason I got this tattoo was to help show support to my son when he gets into school and people start asking him what the scar is or when he gets made fun of, I can be there and be like ‘I have the same thing on my head it’s there for life,’” Britt told SWNS.

Britt asked his friend, tattoo artist Joel Wiggers, to be the one to place the art on his head. 

“It was a first for me. I thought it was a beautiful gesture to make for his son, because I have my own kids as well,” Wiggers said. “It will definitely bond them closer later on in life.”

Britt kept it a secret from Damian’s mother, Emily Stobo, as he wanted it to be a surprise.

When he came home to show her the tattoo, she burst into tears.

"It’s to symbolize that if I could have taken the scar, I would have,” Britt said. “Out of all my tattoos, it definitely means the most to me.”