Fans on Royal Baby Watch Set up Camp Outside of Hospital

John Loughrey
John Loughrey

They're hoping the baby will come soon.

royal family fan group is camping out outside of a London hospital as they await the arrival of the royal baby.

John Loughrey said he and several others have been camped outside St. Mary's Hospital, where the Duchess Kate of Cambridge is expected to give birth, for 14 days.

They began their camp out on April 9, when temporary parking restrictions were put in place outside the hospital, signaling the Kate is set to give birth soon. The restrictions are in effect until April 30.

“We camped out for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and now we are camping out for the third baby,” Loughrey told

The group sleeps outside in tents covered with the English flag.

Loughrey, 63, said he loves the royal family.

He said he’s met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He also goes to Kensington Palace each year on the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

“We are very loyal to the royal family. We are here to support them,” Loughrey said.

He said he thinks the royal baby could come as soon as Monday.

One thing is for sure, he won’t miss it.