Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress: Checking Out the Styles for the Future Royal's Big Day

Inside Edition went to the Amsale Bridal Showroom in New York City to view some styles that would look great on Markle.

The image of Meghan Markle in a gorgeous white gown during her wedding on "Suits" will never leave the minds of some viewers.

But, speculation is growing that Markle might shake things up and wear an ivory or off-white gown when she ties the knot for real with Prince Harry next month.

"There’s kind of been an understated rule that a bride shouldn’t wear white if it’s a second wedding," said Amsale’s head of retail, Terry Hall. "We know that for Meghan Markle, this is her second wedding. That being said, a bride still wants to look like a bride."  

Inside Edition went to Amsale Bridal Showroom in New York City to take a peek at styles that would look great on the duchess-to-be.

“This particular ball gown I think would be very befitting for a royal affair," Hall said. “It’s a true ball gown, a little bit of a dropped waist, beaded lace, a little bit of an off-the-shoulder detail."

Rumors are circulating that Markle wants to wear something with lace, just like she did on "Suits."

"This particular dress I think would be stunning on Meghan," he said. "You have the tradition of the lace, it’s very demure with the long sleeve, a little bit unexpected because so many dresses are strapless now."

But tradition is less rigid, and experts say that while it was once taboo for previously divorced brides to wear white, Markle could get away with the classic color.

“It’s very clean; it’s very classic, but at the same time, it has a bit of a fashion forward attitude, which I think speaks to Meghan Markle’s personality."

It’ll be no surprise that Markle’s gown will have a train, but will it be longer than Kate Middleton’s? Markle’s future sister-in-law wore a dress with a 9 -foot-long train.

For Markle’s "something borrowed," some believe she will wear a piece of jewelry from her soon-to-be husband's mother, the late Princess Diana.


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