Farm Owner Dyes Ponies' Manes to Make Them Look Like Unicorns

They wear rhinestone-encrusted horns, too.

"Unicorns" are being raised at a British farm, where they receive hours of pampering every day.

At Pampered Ponies in Worcester, small horses sport glittery nail paint, rainbow-colored manes and rhinestone-encrusted horns.

Louise Wickens, the head unicorn groomer, uses non-toxic "pony paint" to dye their manes and tails, which she then braids with flowers and ribbons. She even uses animal-friendly glittery nail paint on their hooves.

The magical animals then go on to entertain guests at birthday parties, village festivals and weddings.

Emily Woolley, who runs the farm, told Caters News that the ponies enjoy the attention.

Pointing to one of her ponies, she said, "He loves fuss and cuddles."

The amount of pampering depends on the season, she added.

"In the winter it tends to take a lot longer because they're all muddy and it's difficult to bath them but we always make sure they're gleaming by the end," she said.