Father of 2 Wins $2 Million Lottery After Serving 7 Years Behind Bars for Burglary

“I might have a lot of money but I'm still a redneck," said Timothy Seratt, of Dyersburg, Tennessee.

This Tennessee father of two spent seven years in prison for burglary, and after working hard to get his life back on track, fate rewarded him with a winning $2 million lottery ticket.

After taxes, Timothy Seratt, of Dyersburg, is taking home $1.3 million of his winning Mega Millionaire Jumbo Bucks scratch-off.

“I might have a lot of money but I'm still a redneck. I've always been a redneck,” Seratt told WREG. “That ain't never going to change.”

What has changed, he said, was his life after prison. Seratt spent 7 years behind bars for burglary and was released in 2013.

He worked hard to earn money and provide for his kids once they were born.

“Everybody has rough patches in their life,” Seratt said. “I’ve worked the entire time I’ve been out.”

Even so, he has never owned a home, flown on a plane or been north of Kentucky. All his life, Seratt said, he’s been living paycheck-to-paycheck.

With his newfound cash, he said he hopes to buy a house, pay off his mom’s house, take his kids to Disneyland and invest to avoid spending it all at once.

“It’s still crazy,” he said.