Father and Daughter Lucky to Be Alive After Being Struck by Lightning in Florida

“I was out cold and Ashley actually thought I was dead,” John Moberg tells Inside Edition. The father-daughter duo miraculously survived being struck by lightning.

A day at the ballpark in Florida turned into a near-death experience for a father and daughter when they were both struck by lightning and hospitalized with paralysis and severe burns.

John Moberg and his 19-year-old daughter Ashley were at a New York Yankees spring training game in Tampa when the game was rained out in the sixth inning. As they headed back to their car, there was a bright flash and a loud bang.

“I felt myself get launched into the air, and my dad, I saw him flying through the air and hit his head,” Ashley said.

For a time, Ashley was partially paralyzed and John was completely paralyzed in the incident.

“I was out cold and Ashley actually thought I was dead,” John said.

Photos taken at the hospital show a mark on Ashley where the necklace she was wearing burned her.

John suffered a broken cheekbone and bruising. He says he still is experiencing numbness on one side of his face.

“The paramedics actually told us the rubber souls on our shoes are what saved us,” 

After they were treated in the hospital, the father-daughter duo returned to the ballpark to photograph the spot as a souvenir of their brush with death.

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