Father Confronts R. Kelly's Publicist at Press Conference: 'Where's My Daughter?'

The man argued with Kelly's manager for 10 tense minutes while cameras rolled.

The father of one of R. Kelly's girlfriends confronted his publicist at a press conference Friday, yelling, "Where's my daughter?"

Joycelyn Savage's family joined a roadside press conference held by Kelly spokesperson Darrell Johnson following the singer's arrest in Chicago Thursday.

"Any questions?" Johnson asked.

"I got a question!" said Savage's father, Timothy. "Where is my daughter at? ... We don't want to come and hear your lies! Where our daughter at?"

"I have nothing to do with your daughter," responded Johnson.

He argued with the family for 10 tense minutes while TV cameras rolled, insisting he did not work for Kelly but his attorney.

"I'm a crisis manager, I'm not a babysitter," he said. "That's not what I do."

Joycelyn's family said she couldn't be found following Kelly's arrest on Thursday. According to the family, they asked Chicago Police to conduct a well-being check, but when officers knocked on the door, nobody answered.

"We want answers and we want them now. Our daughter's life is in danger," said Timothy.

The family says their daughter and another girlfriend, Azriel Clary, are being held against their will by Kelly.

The two women spoke to Gayle King on CBS This Morning earlier this year and defended the singer.

"I have known Robert for four to five years and what they're saying is absolutely not true," Joycelyn said. "He's a good man, he's a gentleman."

Kelly was arrested by federal agents in Chicago on Thursday as he walked his dog near his home. He has been charged with racketeering, kidnapping, child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child and other offences.

Kelly and his attorney have repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse.