FBI to Probe Apparent Jetpack Sightings Above LAX as Some Wonder If It Was Actually a Dummy Attached to Drone

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The FBI is looking into reports of a "guy in a jetpack" in the flight path of Los Angeles International Airport by two pilots Sunday evening. Meanwhile, some online sleuths have surmised that it wasn't a jetpack at all, but could have been a dummy attached to a drone.

The incredible moment was captured in recorded exchanges between the pilots and air traffic control. 

"We just passed a guy in a jetpack," the pilot said.

"Were they off to your left side or right side?" the tower responded.

"Off the left side, about 300 yards or so, about our altitude," the pilot said.

Another pilot also reported the strange sight.

A YouTube video from 2019 showing a dummy attached to a drone has some wondering if a similar contraption was behind what the pilots saw.

As authorities continue their investigation, Inside Edition has learned that they've interviewed the only FAA-certified jetpack pilot, David Mayman. Mayman owns the only company in the world that makes the high-powered jetpacks. But he said he wasn't in the country when the reported sightings happened.

Inside Edition also spoke to Leigh Coates, the first-ever female jetpack pilot.

"When the story hit, I did have a lot of friends contacting me and asking if it was me," she told Inside Edition.

She told Inside Edition it wasn't her—she was in Alaska at the time—and offered up her own theories about what happened.

"It could be balloons; it could be a drone," she said.


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