Jetpack-Wearing Man Seen Flying in Flight Path of Planes Landing at LAX

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An American Airlines pilot reported seeing a "guy in a jetpack" while the commercial plane was approaching Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night. The incredible moment was captured in exchanges between the pilot and air traffic control.

"We just passed a guy in a jetpack," the pilot said.

"Were they off to your left side or right side?" the tower responded.

"Off the left side, about 300 yards or so, about our altitude," the pilot said.

Another pilot saw the same scary sight. "We just saw the guy pass by us in the jetpack," he told air traffic control. 

"Use caution. Person in a jetpack reported," the tower responded.

Authorities are taking the incident seriously, warning it can be as dangerous as flying a drone near passenger planes.

"He put the lives of passengers on commercial aircraft in danger. He put his own life in danger," said aviation safety expert Steve Cowell.

Because the man was flying so high, authorities believe whoever was at the controls had a lot of experience.


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