Female Inmate Screams as She Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell

Diana Sanchez's lawyer says correctional officers did nothing when Sanchez went into labor while being held in a cell.

Video of a Colorado inmate giving birth all alone in a jail cell has shocked the world. 

Outside the cell, correctional officers at the facility in Denver were allegedly watching on surveillance video and did nothing to come to her aid.

The inmate, Diana Sanchez, 27, was eight months pregnant when she was arrested for identity theft. Two weeks after her arrest, at 5 a.m., she went into labor and every moment was caught on surveillance camera.

Inside Edition spoke to her lawyer, Mari Newman, who blasted the prison. 

"She told the guards and the nurses that she had been having constant contractions, that her water had broken, and she was passing blood, and these are any signs that would let any person know it is time to go to the hospital," she said. 

For the next six hours, Sanchez was in the throes of labor. She can be seen screaming in pain. 

At 10:44 a.m., she removed her sweatpants and underwear. 

"She is obviously in excruciating pain, calling out for anyone to help her, and at some point, it becomes clear that no one is going to come," her attorney said. 

She then gave birth to a boy on the thin plastic mattress, which is a far cry from a sterile delivery room.

Finally, a male nurse assigned to the jail enters the cell and picks up the newborn.

Sanchez is now out of jail pending trial. Her baby was born a year ago, but the surveillance tape has only just been released by her lawyer.

"This is something that should never happen to any other person. No human being deserves to be treated the way Diana and her child were," her attorney said. 

Sanchez's lawsuit says she wasn't brought to a hospital until a full 30 minutes after she had given birth. Meantime, the jail denies any wrongdoing saying they took the appropriate actions and followed all relevant procedures.