Firefighter Nearly Falls Through Thin Ice While Rescuing Pup That Wandered Onto Partially Frozen Creek

“My understanding is the dog’s doing fine,” said Fire Chief Denis Pilon.

It was a slippery rescue when a Canadian firefighter nearly fell through thin ice to save a dog that had fallen into a partially frozen creek.

Firefighters from Swift Current in Saskatchewan spent an afternoon last week slithering across the partially frozen surface to retrieve a poor pup that had wandered away from its owners.

The pup was on a walk with its owners before it dashed into the creek, Fire Chief Denis Pilon told It was approximately 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside and the ice was not entirely frozen over.

“The dog was just running free," Pilon said. "It just took off on its own."

Luckily, rescuers arrived and were caught on video maneuvering a firefighter on his stomach across the thin ice to retrieve the dog.

“My understanding is the dog’s doing fine,” Pilon said. “He’s good. He was cold and as you can see from the video, he had trouble with his hind leg.”

Pilon said they hoped the video, which he posted to his Facebook page, will serve as a reminder to the public not to wander onto the thin ice and keep a close eye on their pets around partially frozen bodies of water.