Firefighters Ditch Bunker Gear for Christmas-Themed Jackets and Trousers

"An ugly Christmas sweater just doesn't say enough," the firefighters joked.

A group of Texas firefighters traded in their flame resistant gear for festive suits, just in time for the holidays.

The San Antonio Fire Department posed shoulder-to-shoulder in brightly printed, Christmas-themed jackets and trousers in a photo posted to their Facebook page.

“When an ugly Christmas sweater just doesn’t say enough,” the post read.

Lt. Randy Zamora told it started off as a joke.

“Everyone thought we were trying to trick each other into being the only guy to show up in the crazy suit,” he admitted. “Once we showed up, we liked the way it turned out.”

He explained the firefighters, who all now work at different stations around the city, had all independently gotten the different suits using their own money and got together after hours for a “guy’s night.”

“I saw these suits online and was like, ‘Let’s do it,’” Zamora said. “People really liked them.”

He said the group hopes to do similar portraits for charity next year, inspired by how well-received these photos turned out.