Firefighters Reunite With Preemie Twins They Helped Deliver in NICU

“Doing compressions on something that small is intimidating.”

These preemie twins in the NICU got a very special visit from the four firefighters who saved their lives just a few months ago.

Firefighters Travis Fryrear, Timothy Radford, Nathan Vandervort and Chad Grand of the Oklahoma City Fire Department had a chance to hold the months-old twin girls for the second time, the first being when they resuscitated them as they were being delivered.

"It’s hardly ever [that] we get to follow up on calls with patients and people we run on so whenever we do get something like this, we’re really excited," Capt. Fryrear said. "Especially to see our hard work and dedication and to be able to come and be able to hold the baby, it was nuts."

The four firefighters were dispatched to an active childbirth call on New Year’s Eve just a few months ago, and were immediately taken aback by how small the twins were.

The entire group piled onto the ambulance to the hospital with the twins and their mom, and Fryrear and Radford were designated to look after the healthier-looking baby.

“We had baby No. 2, which started out to be the better looking one of the babies as far as health goes, and steadily declined," Fryrear said. "Doing compressions on something that small is intimidating."

But with their proper training, they were able to keep the child alive and successfully hand the baby to staff at the INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center.

During their reunion months later at the same hospital, the twins' mom happily announced that they will be ready to go home in good health very soon.