First Moments After Florida Condo Collapse Captured in Newly Released Bodycam Footage

In video obtained by the Miami Herald, stunned first responders comb the building for survivors amid a thick cloud of dust.

Newly released police bodycam footage shows the first moments after the 12-story condo collapse in Surfside, Florida, in which 98 people died. Officers arrived on scene to thick clouds of dust, as well as cries for help from people trapped in the rubble.

“Captain, the Champlain Towers building collapsed. The back part of the building collapsed,” the officer calls into his radio, shows video obtained by Miami Herald.

Stunned first responders are seen looking for survivors. In the lobby of the building, dazed and confused residents stream down from the upper floors.

“The building collapsed. I need you guys out of here because the rest might fall,” the officer says.

Some debris from the building is being saved in a warehouse as evidence. The rest is being stored so survivors can sift through it at a later date to retrieve belongings.

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