First Responders Reunite With Man They Saved After He Collapsed While Holding Infant Daughter

The gift of life has proven to be a present money cannot buy.

An Arizona man has reunited with the crew of a local fire department that saved his life last month during an emotional Christmas celebration.

For Ian Fields, 37, and his family, it was without question that the men and women of the Mesa Fire Department’s Station 202 would be a part of their Christmas plans. 

When his heart stopped due to genetic hypertension in November, Fields collapsed while holding his infant daughter, Ava. 

His wife, Tara, who was in the next room, heard her husband fall and found him making an unusual sound with Ava near him on the ground. She called 911 and help arrived right away. 

Paramedics used a defibrillator four times in an attempt to get Fields' heart pumping again. He doesn't remember anything that happened after picking up his daughter from her crib. 

On Christmas morning, the first responders were at their station house when Fields and his family came in to reunite with his saviors.

Fields thanked each member of Station 202 and the paramedics who came to his aid and show that the gift of life is the best present money can’t buy.

His wife fought back tears as she hugged the heroes.

“You guys have no idea how much you mean to me,” she said. For some members of the crew, they had never met anyone whose life they had saved. 

“It's very special and a rare thing,” one of the paramedics told CBS affiliate KPHO. 

Fields was discharged from the hospital nine days after he was admitted and has since been doing fine.

"To see Mr. Fields walking, and holding his child and here with his wife is the best Christmas gift I could ask for," Mesa firefighter Brian Darling told KPHO.