'Fit Mom' Maria Kang Poses With Removed Breast Implants to Inspire Others to Love Their Bodies

Maria Kang said the implants made her sick and she's thrilled they're gone. 

Maria Kang, a super fit mom whose photo went viral for the wrong reasons, says she feels like a whole new person after getting her breast implants removed. 

In 2012, Kang, a former beauty queen, faced enormous backlash online after posting a picture of herself with her three kids and the question, "What's your excuse?"

The image blew up in her face, with Kang slammed for supposedly fat-shaming other moms, though she now insists that was never her intention. 

"I received a lot of people telling me that they were upset, that I was fat-shaming, that my intent was to tell people that they should look like me," she told Inside Edition.

But she only wanted to boost others' morale.

"My intent was always to inspire others," Kang said. 

Now, Kang is receiving a different sort of attention online. Congratulations are pouring in after the 39-year-old removed her breast implants, posing with them in hands. 

She had always wanted to get rid of them, and so she finally did. 

Kang said she first got the implants to give her an edge in a beauty pageant. 

"I felt the pressure to get breast implants because my director encouraged me," she said, adding she regretted the decision to do so "almost immediately" and that she wished she had done more research. 

Kang said the implants made her sick and she's thrilled they're gone. 

She posed with them once again hoping to inspire others to have the self-confidence she says she didn't.

"I feel like there's a humongous pressure to look perfect," said Kang. "I really wanted people to understand that it's OK to make choices in life that you regret."

Just make sure you help others not make the same mistake, she said.

As for that infamous image from years ago, Kang apologized for presenting a picture of perfection that wasn't the real thing.