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Fitness Guru Who Allegedly Scammed Customers Says She Was Overwhelmed When Business Took Off: 'I'm Sorry'

Brittany Dawn posted a tearful video apologizing, but those who say they were taken advantage of are disappointed with how she's handled herself.

A fitness guru who allegedly scammed customers says she is sorry. 

Brittany Dawn, 26, has a massive following thanks to the grueling workout routines she posts on social media. She also claims to be a diet expert. But Dawn is under fire for allegedly scamming women out of millions of dollars. 

The alleged victims claim they paid for one-on-one workout and diet advice that never happened. 

Allison Cisler told Inside Edition she paid $200 but never got the personal fitness training she expected and was blocked on Dawn's social media when she complained. 

“A lot of people feel betrayed, they feel angry, they feel hurt, they feel scammed, and they feel there is a big sense of injustice here,” she said.

Clarissa Woody said she paid $500 for a personalized fitness plan but her emails seeking one-on-one time were ignored.    

“To sit here now and say that I feel like I was scammed by someone who was an idol to me is really disappointing,” Woody said. 

Five thousand women who say they are victims have formed a Facebook group called “Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaints,” while 11,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the Federal Trade Commission to “Stop Brittany Dawn Fitness Scams.” 

“I'm sorry. I realize I messed up!” Dawn tearfully said in a video apology. “I please ask for you guys to leave my family and my friends out of this and for the death threats to stop.” 

She said she was overwhelmed with when her business took off almost overnight and she's trying to arrange refunds. 

“I'm sorry! I am a human. I’m a human being trying to be in this world like anyone else I make mistakes,” she said.  

The Texas attorney general is also investigation Dawn's business practices after receiving a number of complaints.