Flight Attendant Accidentally Spills Tray of Drinks Over American Airlines CEO

Imagine spilling drinks all over your boss. 

Imagine spilling drinks all over your boss. 

It happened to flight attendant Maddie Peters, who accidentally dumped a tray of drinks on the lap of American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

"The person in front of me stops, takes a few steps back, hits my tray and the drinks just go flying," Peters told Inside Edition. 

But thankfully Parker was a good sport about it, telling her that accidents happen.

And speaking of the friendly skies, a Southwest flight attendant was captured soothing a restless baby while greeting passengers ahead of takeoff. 

Teacher Savannah Blum couldn't get her 19-month-old daughter Brittan to settle down on a flight from Austin to Las Vegas, but thankfully the flight attendant, identified only as Jessica, stepped in. 

Jessica walked little Brittan up and down the aisles, closing overhead compartments while the girl blew kisses to her fellow passengers. 

"It was such a relief, just to give her a change of scenery," Blum told Inside Edition.