Flight Attendant Shares Her Tips for Staying in a Hotel Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Flight attendant Kat Kamalani has stayed at hundreds of hotels, even during the pandemic. Now, she’s sharing her insider tips and tricks exclusively with Inside Edition.

"Rule number one, first things first, when you're checking into a hotel, never say your hotel room number out loud," said Kamalani, who is also YouTuber. She asked the front desk clerk to write the number on her room key.

When you get into your room, do an inspection to make sure everything is in order.

She also warns that hotel rooms are often covered in germs, saying that even some of the pillows and decorative sheets aren’t ever cleaned.

"Before you jump on that bed, the first thing is, you want to take all decorative pillows off. They don't wash them, it's disgusting. Thousands of bodies have laid on here," Kamalani said. She also checks the bed for bed bugs.

And what about that TV remote control that every guest has touched? Kat suggests using the plastic bag left in your ice bucket as a protective layer over the remote.


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