Flight Attendant With Ukulele, Passengers Lead Christmas Sing Along on Delayed Flight

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A flight attendant and a couple of passengers teamed up to serenade a flight with Christmas songs while the plane was delayed.

The display of Christmas cheer came as the United Airlines flight was held at Denver International Airport Thursday due to snow on the runway.

As passengers began to get antsy about their travel, passenger Wayne Anderson, who was flying with his two daughters and wife, said he saw one of the other passengers chat with a flight attendant before they pulled out a ukulele and a mandolin.

"I turned to my wife and said, 'This is going to be epic,'" Anderson told InsideEdition.com.

As the pair began playing, another passenger jumped in to sing along.

"It turned out great," Anderson said. "This really made the hour and a half sitting on the plane with two little ones not even moving a bit easier."


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