Florida 7-Year-Old Killed by Stray Bullet During Argument Over Jet Skis, Police Say

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Tampa police were responding to a report of a shooting that was the result of an argument over reckless jet-ski driving. When they arrived on the scene, they found the 7-year-old with a gunshot wound to the head.

A feud over jet skis had a tragic ending when the argument escalated to a shooting that claimed the life of a Florida 7-year-old.

Tampa Police responded to the report of a shooting on Tuesday at a causeway that was the result of an argument over reckless jet-ski driving near an area where kids were in the water, according to a press release. 

When police arrived on scene, they found the 7-year-old victim with a gunshot wound to his head and the boy’s grandfather sustained a gunshot wound to his finger, the release said.

The young boy was brought to a hospital where he was pronounced deceased, Deputy Chief Calvin Johnson said during a press conference

Once the shooting started, the boy’s grandfather grabbed him and pulled him into a vehicle, Johnson said. Unfortunately, a stray bullet pierced the vehicle, hit the grandfather's finger, then hit the 7-year-old in the head, the deputy chief said.

The argument broke out after one group on shore felt the group on the jet skis were riding too close to where children were playing in the water. 

“There was no reason, no excuse that an argument can lead to gunfire, much less an argument over jet skis,” he added. “Now we got citizens’ families, folks in our communities that have to deal with this tragic incident that happened on Fourth of July.”

No arrests have been made and the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. 

“We have a society that, at times, doesn’t know the impact of gun violence affects generations. You may shoot somebody's father, somebody's 7-year-old, that’s going to affect that family and friends for the rest of their lives,” Johnson said. “We need to do better as people when it comes down to firearms. We’re seeing it too much.”

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