Florida Best Friends Who Do Everything Together Get Nose Jobs on the Same Day

Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau says its helpful that the women brought along images of their "wish nose" when he operated on them earlier this year.

Melanie and Jordan are two best friends from Florida who do everything together, including cosmetic surgery.

The women, both 26, often found that when they looked in the mirror, they were not happy. So, the friends decided to get nose jobs together.

“We pretty much do everything together. Why not get nose jobs together,” Melanie tells Inside Edition.

Melanie says her nose was crooked and too long. Jordan believes that when she smiled, her nose swooped down.

“I’ve always been insecure about my nose since high school,” Jordan tells Inside Edition.

Both women, who work in social media marketing, wanted noses that looked like singer Madison Beer's.

They told as much to Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau, who says it was helpful that they brought along photos of their "wish nose" when he operated on them earlier this year.

"It's actually a beautiful nose, it may be a little bit too short to match their face," Krau says as he examines their faces and the photos of Beer. 

Krau notes that Melanie had a deviated septum, and that he wanted to straighten it and narrow her nose. He notes Jordan's nose had a "downward look" and a "little bit too much fullness." 

The women undergo surgery on the same day and both are successful. Now they are celebrating their new look.

“We love our noses!” the women both declared two moths after the surgeries.

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